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Photos of KOMIPO employees

Korea Midland Power Headquarters, 160, Boryeongbuk-ro, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Firmly built on its world-class power plant construction and operation technology, Korea Midland Power supplies high quality, stable power through thermal power generation (coal, LNG, heavy oil), wind power generation, solar energy, SRF, and fuel cell power generation.

In order to deliver cleaner and healthier energy to the public, Korea Midland Power has replaced the environmental monitoring facilities of its thermal power plants to the worlds top standards and operates safe power plants preventing any concerns about particulates and environmental pollution. It is leading the way for the drive towards energy transformation in Korea through the continued development of a wide variety of renewable energy sources.

KOMIPO Branch - jeju,seoul,boryeong,incheon,seochon,sejong,shinboryeong

Driving the energy industry through new challenges

From the operation of the Dangin-ri Power Plant (Seoul Power Station) that marked the beginning of thermal power generation in Korea to the Boryeong P.G. Site Div. that holds the world record in the longterm failure-free operation of power plants spanning over 6,500 days as entered in the Guinness Book of World Records, as well as the Shin Boryeong P.G. Site Div., which has successfully localized new technology of ultra-high-efficiency, ultra-supercritical thermal power generation, Korea Midland Power has always taken part in the important milestones in the energy history of Korea.

Successfully completing a new challenge of building the worlds first large-scale underground LNG-fired thermal power plant within the city to supply stable power to Seoul with a population of 10 million, Korea Midland Power continues to make history even at this very moment, going beyond Korea by exporting its energy technology throughout the world and expanding the energy territory of Korea.

  • Seoul Power Station View Map
  • Seoul Power Station View Map
  • Seoul Power Station View Map

Advancing into overseas electricity markets

The Company is responsible for six percent of Java Islands electricity supply through power plants including the Cirebon Thermal Power Plant, Tanjung Jati Thermal Power Plant, Wampu Hydropower Plant, and Tanggamus Hydropower Plant by exporting the Korean standard coal-fired power model to Indonesia, and passing its technical skills and know-how in power plant construction and operation, and conducting additional businesses, including the Sipborpa Hydropower Plant and new units for the Cirebon Thermal Power Plant, thereby contributing towards Indonesias stable power and economic development.

In addition, the Company operates the Navanakorn Combined Cycle Power Plant in Thailand and has developed and operated a large photovoltaics plant in Boulder City, Nevada, in the United States, building the Korean energy brand, ‘KOMIPO.’

  • Seoul Power Station View Map
  • Seoul Power Station View Map
  • Seoul Power Station View Map

The people’s energy company, Korea Midland Power

Based on its ideas that no others have come up with and its spirit of taking up challenges that no one has dared to undertake, Korea Midland Power strives to ensure a rich and healthy life of the people, building know-how and experience at the forefront of the energy industry, and will continue to remain as a reliable energy company for the development of not only Korea but also the world.

  • Seoul Power Station View Map
  • Social Contribution Photos
  • Social Contribution Photos
  • Head Office : (33439) 160, Boryeongbuk-ro, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
  • Tel : +82-70-7511-1114
  • FAX : +82-70-7511-1046
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