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Boryeong P.G. Site Div.

Front view of Boryeong Power Generation Site Division

Boryeong P.G. Site Div.
89-37, Ocheonhaean-ro, Ocheon-myeon, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do

World’s top power plant operational capacity

As the nation’s first standard coal-fired power plant, Unit 3 became the pioneer of domestic coal-fired power generation technology. Holding the unprecedented record in the world of failure-free operation spanning over 6,500 days in March 2018, it is advertising the capacity of thorough facility management and excellence in operational technology, selected in 1996 as the world’s best power plant by the American magazine Electric Power International. KOMIPO won gold in the Best O&M Project in Asia at the Asian Power Awards in 2008, and subsequently won the 2008 “Top Coal-Fired Plant” award from the American magazine Power in 2009, thereby receiving worldwide recognition for its world-class operating technology.

Achievements of Boryeong Power Generation

  • 6,500-day continuous failure-free operation
  • Selected as the world’s best plant by Power
  • Gold Award for Best O&M Project in Asia Asian Power Awards

An eco-friendly, low-carbon, and high-efficiency power plant

Boryeong P.G. Site Div. Units 3 and 4, the nation’s first standard coal-fired plant, will improve the functions of their power generation facilities through an eco-friendly improvement project and decrease the emission of air pollutants by 80% by 2023 compared to that of 2015 through constructing the best environmental facilities. KRW 320 billion will be invested until 2024 to replace all outdoor coal yards currently in operation with indoor ones to fundamentally block dust scattering.

  • Boryeong P.G Site Div Foreground photo
  • Boryeong P.G Site Div Night view pictures
  • Boryeong P.G Site Div Wind power generator pictures

Facility status

Facility Status of Boryeong Power Generation Site Division
Thermal power Combined cycle Small hydropower Photovoltaics Fuel cell Total
3,050 MW
(500 MW × 5 units
+ 550 MW × 1 unit)
(450 MW × 3 units)
(1.25 MW × 6 units)
4.109 MW
(PV + floating PV)
7.48 MW
(0.44 MW x 17 units)
4,419 MW

Fuel used : Bituminous coal / LNG / Renewable energy

Recycling by-products of power generation to save energy and generate income for residents

Boryeong P.G. Site Div. operates a fisheries seed farm using thermal effluent and mass-produces juvenile fish to regularly release them in the neighboring coastal water, expanding fish resources to greatly contribute to increasing the income of fishermen. Plus, it uses thermal effluent and carbon dioxide captured in the CCS facility to run a smart eco farm, where it conducts an empirical program for cultivating valuable cash crops, such as Irwin mangoes, to prepare the foundation for farms to create profits.

Fish farm interior view

Fish farm

Smart eco farm

Smart eco farm

Regional development through tailored win-win cooperation projects

Boryeong P.G. Site Div. operates various support programs, including educational projects and social contribution activities, to improve the quality of life for local residents and foster outstanding talent in the region.

  • Kim Jang Sharing Event Group Photo

    Kimchi-making volunteer activity for the winter in the Boryeong region

  • Soccer match organized by the executive directors of Boryeong P.G. Site Div.

    Soccer match organized by the executive directors of Boryeong P.G. Site Div.

  • Local social contribution activities

    Local social contribution activities

Program, details
Program details
Scholarship Support for those on the dean’s list, special talents in arts and physical education, children receiving public assistance, etc. (for elementary, middle and high school, and university students)
Education Support for overseas history and cultural tours, foreign language education and teaching materials, soccer match organized by executive directors, etc. (for elementary and middle school students)
Electricity Support for housing and industrial electric utility charges in areas nearby the plant
Local public facilities Support for small household items and facility operation costs to local community centers
Community promotion Support for local representative festivals and cultural events (Muchangpo Mystic Sea Road Festival, Cheonbuk Oyster Festival, etc.)
Community outreach Improving the residential environment for the vulnerable, sharing kimchi, and talent contribution program for hairdressing and soccer classes
  • Head Office : (33439) 160, Boryeongbuk-ro, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
  • Tel : +82-70-7511-1114
  • FAX : +82-70-7511-1046
  • T : +82-70-7511-1114 F : +82-70-7511-1046

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