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Incheon P.G. Site Div.

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Supplying power to the Seoul metropolitan area with high-efficiency,
cutting-edge combined cycle power plant facilities!

Incheon Power Generation Site Division is located in the Seoul metropolitan area where Korea’s largest electricity demand comes from, and thus has low power loss during power transmission after production, greatly contributing to the reliability of the power system in the metropolitan area.

Incheon P.G. Site Div.

411, Jungbong-daero 405beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon

Reliable operation of high-efficiency combined cycle power plant facilities

Starting with the completion and operation of the first steam power plant in 1970, four units were constructed until 1979, with the installed steam power generation capacity reaching 1,150 MW. However, units 3 and 4 were shut down in 2009, and units 1 and 2 closed down as of April 1, 2014. For stable power supply, Incheon P.G. Site Div. built the combined cycle power plant unit 1 (503.5 MW) in 2005 and continuously pursued the construction of high-efficiency, cutting-edge combined cycle power plants. It completed unit 2 (509 MW) in 2009 and unit 3 (450 MW) in December 2012. Located in an urban area, the plants not only supply electricity but also provide heating energy to Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do Province and neighboring areas.

  • Designated as a green enterprise by the Ministry of Environment for 7 consecutive times since 1996

    Mar. 2019

  • Green enterprise for 23 consecutive years through sustainable eco-friendly management

    With upgraded its facilities, Incheon P.G. Site Div. plays a major role in stabilizing the power supply and demand in the Seoul metropolitan area through the stable operation of the high-efficiency combined cycle power generation facilities. Incheon P.G. Site Div., which portrays the development history of the Incheon area that began in 1970, actively promotes social contribution activities such as community service activities and support for cultural events as part of the community, and it continues to lead the way for creating a clean environment, as evidenced in its certification as a green enterprise granted by the Ministry of Environment for seven consecutive times since 1996, through intensive environment control and continuous eco-friendly management.

    Incheon P.G. Site Div. Photo1
    Incheon P.G. Site Div. Photo2
  • Facility status


    Facility status

    Facility status of Incheon P.G. Site Div.(Combined cycle, Fuel cell, Photovoltaics, Total)

    Combined cycle Fuel cell Photovoltaics Total
    Unit 1: 50.35 MW
    Unit 2: 508.9 MW
    Unit 3: 450 MW
    15.8MW 2.82MW 1,481MW
    Fuel used : LNG / Renewable energy
  • Local social contribution activities

    Incheon P.G. Site Div. offers educational materials and scholarships to local elementary, middle and high schools in the vicinity, and continues to provide creative personality education and strives to develop the local culture and arts for the youth who will lead the future of the arts and culture.

    Local social contribution activities Photo1
    Local social contribution activities Photo2
    Local social contribution activities Photo3


    Support programs for areas surrounding power plant(Program, Details)
    Program Details
    Scholarship Scholarship support for middle and high school students from vulnerable classes
    Educational materials Support of educational tools and materials for educational facilities nearby
    Local art festivals Support for art competitions targeting students from Seo-gu, Incheon
    Local libraries Support of books for children and teens