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Shin Seocheon Con. Site Div.

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High-efficiency & eco-friendly power generation site division

Unit 1 of Shin Seocheon Power Generation Site Division is a coal-fired power plant that was built in the nearby ash pond of units 1 and 2 of Seocheon Thermal Power Plant, which were respectively completed in March and November in 1983 and generated 79.4 billion kWh using 34 million tonnes of domestically-produced. Shin Seocheon P.G. Site Div. is a 1,000 MW ultra-high-efficiency, ultra-supercritical thermal power plant. As an ultra supercritical power plant, it not only boasts ultra high-efficiency and GHG reductions, but also is equipped with world-class environmental facilities and a silo-type indoor coal yard to prevent scattering coal dust, expected to address the environmental concerns.

Shin Seocheon P.G. Site Div.

265, Seoin-ro, Seo-myeon, Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

  • Facility status


    Facility status of Shin Seocheon P.G. Site Div.(Thermal power, Small hydropower, Photovoltaics, Total)
    Thermal power Small hydropower Photovoltaics Total
    1,018MW 1 unit 2.586MW 1.23MW 1,021.816MW
  • Eco-friendly power plant applying the latest technologies

    Shin Seocheon P.G. Site Div. has applied various new methods and technologies to minimize the emission of particulate matter. It has maximized efficiency of non-leakage gas-gas heaters for the desulfurization system and enhanced function of removing nitrogen oxide by adding the third layer to the catalyst layer of the deNOx. In addition, it employs a low temperature electrostatic precipitator with better efficiency, attaining dust emissions of 3 mg/Sm3, lower than the legal limit of 10 mg/Sm3.


    Eco-friendly power plant applying the latest technologies
    Item Unit Legal emission limit Design standard
    Sulfur oxide (SOx) ppm 20 15
    Nitrogen oxide (NOx) ppm 12.8 10
    Dust ㎎/S㎥ 4 3
  • Restoration of Dongbaekjeong Beach

    Dongbaekjeong Beach in Seocheon-gun, Chungcheongnam-do Province was a major tourist attraction of the west coast with a dense camellia forest and a milky sand beach. It was ruined due to the construction of an anthracite-fired power plant for energy.

    KOMIPO decided to demolish Seocheon Thermal Power Plant that had completed its great mission of stable power supply for the development of national industry and restore the stunning landscape. Collecting data related to what the area looked like 40 years earlier and having in-depth discussion with experts, KOMIPO is showing its firm will towards eco-friendly power generation and carbon neutrality through the world’s first challenge of restoring nature after. The coastline that will be restored through the project will be linked with the Camellia Forest in Maryang-ri, providing people with a cozy resting place, offering animals and plants a new habitat, recovering marine eco-system for marine animals and plants to absorb carbon. It is anticipated that the project will lead to GHG reduction that is dozens of times more effective than green carbon that is dependent.

    Blueprint of the restoration of Dongbaekjeong Beach
  • Local social contribution activities

    Shin Seocheon P.G. Site Div. operates various support programs to improve the quality of life for local residents and foster outstanding. Since 2017, it has operated the electric bill support program to subsidize the electricity charge for households and industries near the power plant (within 5 km), as well as medical examination.

    Local social contribution activities Photo1
    Local social contribution activities Photo2
    Local social contribution activities Photo3


    Local social contribution activities(Category, Program, Details)
    Category Program Details
    Community outreach Support for local festivals Support for major local festivals, including Hansanmosi The Tradition of Millennium, Camellia & Webfoot Octopus Festival, etc.
    Nest of Hope Improvement of housing welfare through building new houses for the marginalized in the local area
    Two sister villages for one team Support for vulnerable classes including the elderly who live alone through volunteering works in sister villages and making kimchi for
    Social contribution Electric utility charge subsidy Subsidizing electricity bills for households and industries within 5 km of the plant
    Health checkup subsidy Subsidizing medical health checkups for local residents (KRW 300,000/person)
    Scholarship Scholarship for local teens and university students for continued education and good grades
    Camellia drawing, essay writing, and calligraphy contests Holding art and culture contests for elementary, middle and high school students