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Sejong P.G. Site Div.

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Eco-friendly power generation site division in harmony with Sejong’s urban planning

Sejong Power Generation Site Division underwent construction starting in October 2011 according to the Multifunctional Administrative City Development Plan, and was completed on November 30, 2013. It has produced electricity of 530 MW and heating energy of 391 Gcal/h since December 2013, supplying Sejong P.G. Site Div. operates the latest environmental facilities based on eco-friendly design harmonized with Sejong’s urban planning, contributing to making living atmosphere of local residents pleasant, supplying heating energy at a cheaper price by 15% compared to

Sejong P.G. Site Div.

625, Geumsong-ro, Sejong-si

The best LNG power plant in Asia

In 2016, Sejong P.G. Site Div. received gold in the Gas Power Project of the Year at the Asian Power Awards, the most prestigious award given to Asia’s power generation industry hosted by Charlton Media Group that publishes The Asian Business Review, in recognition for the energy independence of the new multifunctional administrative city and the pioneering operation of an eco-friendly plant. In January 2017, gas turbine units 1 and 2 marked failure-free operation over 500 days, resounding its reliable power plant.

  • Gold Award for“Gas Power Project of the Year”Asian Power Awards

    Sep. 2016

  • Failure-free operation for 500 days Gas Turbine Units 1 & 2

    Jan. 2017

  • “Prime Minister’s Award for Carbon Neutrality”2021 Global Green Management Excellence Awards

    Nov. 2021

  • “Minister’s Award for Social Contribution”Ministry of Health and Welfare

    Dec. 2021

  • Facility status


    Facility status of Sejong P.G. Site Div. (Power generation facilities, Heating energy supply facilities, Total)
    Power generation facilities Heating energy supply facilities Total
    Gas turbine (167.10 MW × 2 units)
    Steam turbine (196.24 MW × 1 unit)
    Photovoltaics (0.327 MW)
    Fuel cell (5.28 MW)
    391Gcal/hr 536.047MW
  • Local social contribution activities

    Local social contribution activities Photo1
    Local social contribution activities Photo2
    Local social contribution activities Photo3


    Local social contribution activities(Program, details )
    Program details
    Scholarship Scholarship for middle and high school students living near the power plant
    Educational materials Support for the improvement of local educational environment and facilities
    Support of books to libraries of new schools