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Shin Boryeong P.G. Site Div.

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Ultra-high-efficiency & future-oriented eco-friendly power plant

Shin Boryeong Power Generation Site Division is the first ultra supercritical (USC) power plant in Korea with a total capacity of 2,000 MW that has been applied with purely localized technology. As an ultra high-efficiency USC power plant, Shin Boryeong P.G. Site Div. enhanced power generation efficiency while reducing GHG emissions. It is also an eco-friendly power plant equipped with the latest nitrogen dioxide reduction system, waste gas desulfurization system, and more. The construction of units 1 and 2 has resulted in eco-friendly electricity at lower prices, and as the nation’s first USC power plant based on domestic technology, KOMIPO can expand to global markets through the export of its technology of power plant construction and operation.

Shin Boryeong P.G. Site Div.

201, Songdo-gil, Jugyo-myeon, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Future-oriented eco-friendly coal-fired thermal power plant through Korea’s first empirical USC localization project

Ultra supercritical (USC) refers to a power generator equipped with steam pressure and temperature conditions that exceed supercritical pressure (standard coal-fired power). The boilers of units 1 and 2 of Shin Boryeong P.G. Site Div. were designed to be the world’s top class with steam pressure of 274 kg/cm2, steam temperature of 624°C, and overall efficiency of 44.14%. Their turbines have an efficiency of 49%, better than products of foreign companies, opening the new market for localization of ultra high-efficiency power generation facilities. Highly efficient, the power plant can generate more electricity with the same amount of fuel, resulting in the reduction of coal consumption and lower GHG emissions compared to the existing coal-fired power plants, which makes it a better model for the future not only economically but also environmentally.

USC Localization Technology Demonstration Project Effectiveness Table
Coal reduction by 2.2% compared to existing power plants GHG reduction by 6.5% of the national reduction goal
Fuel cost savings of KRW 14.65 billion per annum Power generation for about 3.5 million households
  • “Environmental Upgrade of the Year”Asian Power Awards - Sep. 2019

    Sep. 2019

  • “Safe Management Award”28th Global Standard Management Awards

    Dec. 22, 2020

  • Boilers with an overall efficiency of 44.14%
    Outstanding turbines with an efficiency of 49%

  • Facility status

    Facility status Photo1
    Facility status Photo2
    Facility status Photo3
    Facility status of Shin Boryeong P.G. Site Div. (Thermal power, Small hydropower, Photovoltaics, Total)
    Thermal power Small hydropower Photovoltaics Total
    (1,000MW x 2 units)
    (2.5MW x 2 units)
    2.9 MW
    (2.453 MW x 1 unit
    + 0.086 MW x 2 units
    + 0.207 MW x 1 unit
    + 0.069 MW x 1 unit)
    Fuel used : Bituminous coal / Renewable energy
  • Units 1 and 2 of Shin Boryeong P.G. Site Div. are equipped with environmental facilities, such as the waste gas desulfurization facility, waste gas denitrification facility and electric precipitator. As a way to improve the air environment, their original structure was altered to expand the volume of the circulating pumps for desulfurization, add another layer of catalyst for denitrification, in order to reduce air pollutants by about 68% compared to the level produced by the existing design. In addition, an indoor coal yard was constructed to minimize the dust generated during the process of keeping the coal. The plant will also be equipped with eco-friendly high chimneys to minimize the influence on the atmospheric environment.

    Eco-friendly power plant that values humans and nature(Item, Unit , Emission limit (as of 2021), Unit 1, Unit 2)
    Item Unit Emission limit (as of 2021) Unit 1 Unit 2
    Sulfur oxide (SOx) ppm 40 10.2 10.7
    Nitrogen oxide (NOx) ppm 35 7.4 8.8
    Dust Mg/S㎥ 9 1.1 1.5
    ※ As of 2021
  • A community-oriented power plant living up to its social responsibility as a government-owned enterprise

    Shin Boryeong P.G. Site Div. is taking the lead in local economic revitalization by having local companies participate in massive construction projects. Business expense for special support of KRW 55.2 billion for new construction was allotted to Boryeong, and KRW 1 billion is supported to schools near the power plant through public welfare projects, including mentoring projects. Additionally, it is pursuing various social contribution activities targeting local residents, dedicating itself to the development of local communities.

  • Local social contribution activities

    Local social contribution activities Photo1
    Local social contribution activities Photo2
    Local social contribution activities Photo3
    Local social contribution activities(Program, details )
    Program details
    Local educational environment improvement Support of educational materials and learning programs for the local community
    Community outreach “Teachers” talent donation group support of instructors for after-school classes and childcare centers